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by admin

Molann an obair an fear

11/03/2014 in phrases

Work praises the man.

mol – praise  

obair – work  

an – the  

fear – man  

by dan

Briseann an dúchas trí shúile an chat.

07/05/2013 in phrases

Nature breaks through in the eyes of the cat (a persons true nature can be seen in their eyes).

bris – break    

dúchas – nature  

súil – eye  

cat – cat  

Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón

01/05/2013 in phrases

It\’s often that a persons mouth broke his nose

bris – break
béal – mouth
srón – nose

by donal

Is túisce deoch ná scéal.

05/12/2012 in phrases

A drink comes before a story.

is – (the copula),
túisce – sooner,
deoch – drink,
scéal – story

Tá tú an chuid is fearr

25/11/2012 in phrases

You\’re the best

by donal

Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir.

19/11/2012 in phrases

Time is a good story-teller.

maith – good (adj)
scéalaí – story-teller (m)
scéal – story (m1)
aimsir – time/weather

Is glas iad na cnoic i bhfad uainn.

12/11/2012 in phrases

Distant hills look green.

glas – green (adj),
cnoc – hill (f4),
i bhfad – far/distant (adj),
uainn – from us (pr)

by dan

An t-ualach is mó ar an gcapall is míne.

05/11/2012 in phrases

The heaviest load is on the gentlest horse.

ualach – load (m1)
mór – big (adj)
capall – horse (m1)
mín – gentle (adj)

by donal

Nuair a thiocfas an bás ní imeoidh sé folamh.

29/10/2012 in phrases

When death comes it will not go away empty.

tar – come (v),
bás – death (m1),
imigh – go away/leave (v),
folamh – empty (adj)

by donal

Tabhair féirín dom nó buailfidh mé bob ort!

28/10/2012 in phrases

Give me a treat or I will play a trick on you! (trick or treat)

tabhair – give (v),
féirín – treat (n m4),
buail – hit/strike (v),
bob – joke/trick (n m4)