11/10/2012 in words

work (noun) f2
labour (noun) f2

Example sentences
ag obair – working/in employment,
bheith ag obair – to be at work,
bheith as obair – to be out of work,
bhí sé báite in obair – he was swamped with work,
obair chrua – hard work,
obair oilte – skilled work,
obair pháirce – fieldwork,
seanfhocal – Tús maith leath na hoibre

The cases ~ na tuisil
[nominative singular] obair,
[nominative plural] oibreacha,
[genitive singular] oibre,
[genitive plural] oibreacha

Ainmfhocal baininscneach den dara díochlaonadh

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